We can capture any physical real-world space into immersive photographic 3D models

Using the latest in 3D scanning technology by Matterport allows us to produce high-quality, real-photo, interactive 3D models of real-world spaces. Interactive virtual 3D tours are an excellent way for your clients to interact with a space as if they are physically there. They can see a space from any perspective giving them the full context of the location - all from a web browser, on any device.

This technique captures every detail of a property allowing interstate and overseas buyers a realistic walk-through inspection, without physically being present. This takes away the uncertainly of just relying on images, particularly as it is hard to always get a feel of the size of a space from a photo.

As well as being a great way to showcase properties to time-poor local buyers, this technology will also assist with off-the-plan sales, as interested buyers will be able to walk through a developer’s showroom using the Matterport software and virtual reality headwear.

To learn more, or to book your own scan, please give us a call on 0430 025 337.