Today, The Sky Images Team utilise a suite of cutting-edge photo editing software that makes old Photoshop techniques look like cave paintings.

We all know how hard it is to market a property in Australia that has been mistreated by the lease holder or is dominated by the sort of clutter that wouldn’t be out of place in an episode of Hoarders.

However, cutting-edge technology means you can now clean up your property with the flick of a digital brush with our team working their magic and remove everything from dirty dishes to cluttered bench tops from your professional real estate photographs to present a clean canvas to potential buyers.


Or engage our virtual removalist to strip out the owner’s tatty furniture and drab curtains to help your buyers see the potential of the property with a clean eye that’s not disrupted by the outdated style of the current owner.


And you’ll be well served by going a step further with a complete virtual property staging solution.Our digital wizards can drop designer furniture and high-end accessories into your professional property photography that would make a real-world property stylist green with envy.



The name of the game here is to stimulate your buyers’ imaginations by suggesting the potential of the property to them with strong visual images and professional real estate photography in what is essentially a branding exercise.

For example, a strategically placed Eames recliner or a Philippe Starch ghost chair can instantly position your property for sale in the luxury market and connect with buyers who would have flipped straight passed the same property listings when the star photograph was dominated by a moth-eaten floral couch that saw its best days decades ago.


And thanks to cutting-edge software, virtual property staging is now a real option for even the most modest marketing budgets.